Let KOR® Protect Your Investment

Reconfigure and reuse the KOR® VRS system in minutes to adapt to your chosen firearm, optic, equipment, or gear. If you have several rifles of different sizes and scope configurations, spotting scopes, camera equipment, or even camping hardware, the VRS system adapts to any loadout utilizing the same case.

Concerned about dust, sand, moisture, or oil contaminants? The VRS system is completely sealed and cleanable; try to remove contaminants from a foam insert.

The VRS system offers both time and cost savings and is simple to use. See below.

WHY IS VRS TECHNOLOGY Superior to other packaging materials?

VRS defines a new era of shielding valuable assets during transport by encasing contents with superior impact and vibration reduction. Independent testing confirms that the lateral and vertical movement of contents surrounded by VRS is controlled, and the majority of any impact/vibration energy is absorbed by the sustainable fill, NOT the cargo.

Customization &

One system literally adapts to any size, weight, and shape and is only limited by the size of the chosen VRS panel. This gives the user limitless options for protecting their assets with a single system. No more custom packaging or the need to purchase and store multiple cases.

Infinite Reusability

The system can be reconfigured and reused indefinitely for any cargo and in any environment. From Air travel to day use, shipping to long-term storage, the system adapts to your needs while fully protecting your investment.

Ultimate Protection

The system uses sustainable fill that, when under vacuum, will form to and encapsulate your assets, preventing it from movement and has proven superior vibration reduction and impact protection.


Let KOR® Protect Your Investment

From The Founder:

I had a garage full of hard-sided cases for every shape and size of adventure gear. Each item had a separate case and foam sections to protect my equipment when traveling. Some of the foam was expensively custom cut, several I spent hours meticulously cutting myself, and many more required plucking out little squares to create a space in the shape of each piece of gear.

As my case collection continued to grow, my lovely and observant wife asked me why I needed so many similar cases and why there wasn’t a way for one piece of protective cushioning material to adapt to everything I needed to safely transport my gear. I saw the wisdom of her question and dove into creating a solution. I knew I wasn't the only person who struggled with the limitations and drawbacks of the unchanged foam-filled case offerings we have had for decades. This also made me realize just how costly, storage-space intense, and environmentally wasteful this antiquated solution really was.

With a punch list of inconveniences to resolve, my goal was to produce a universal protection solution and address the disadvantages of the status quo through the following must-haves:

The result is an entirely new patented technology named Vacuum Rigidizing Structure or VRS. This revolutionary protection solution is customizable, reusable, and endlessly efficient. It saves space, time, and money while drastically reducing waste.

Each VRS system consists of a pillow-like panel constructed from MIL-Spec textile and filled with shock absorbing media that when under vacuum, solidly contours to the shape of your object ; keeping it firmly positioned and providing superior impact and vibration protection.

VRS panels fit a variety of popular hard-sided cases.

An included syphon pump allows users to quickly and easily add or remove air from the VRS panel so they can customize it for any objects that fit within the existing case.


Place a VRS panel inside the hard case it is sized for.

When the panel has air inside, it is soft and pliable, like a cushion or bean bag (fluid state).

Nestle contents into panel, and when air is removed (vacuumed) with the pump, the VRS panel conforms around the items creating a solid impression (rigid state).

To use the VRS panel for a different object, pump air into the panel, replace the item, and pump (pull vacuum) until the panel conforms to the new object.

Thank you for your time, your business, and supporting my family and employees. -- GP

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